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Beta testers sought for for Dolet 8, the MusicXML plug-in for Sibelius

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Beta testers sought for for Dolet 8, the MusicXML plug-in for Sibelius

MakeMusic is getting beta testers provide the wheels good kick on its complimentary Dolet plug-in for Sibelius. Although Sibelius features its own built-in MusicXML export function, Dolet exports MusicXML in another way through the native Sibelius ability.

It has been more than five years since Dolet was updated — April 2016, to be exact — and, as MakeMusic’s Michael Good says, they “wanted to take advantage of the new features of both MusicXML 4.0 and Sibelius’s ManuScript programming language to get better MusicXML files out of Sibelius. This Would make it more comfortable for people to move their particular songs from Sibelius into SmartMusic, Finale, and various other musical notation software.”

Dolet have a lengthy and wealthy record from the time as innovative exclusive software made by Recordare, the organization that Michael going. It was ultimately obtained by MakeMusic and made absolve to utilize.

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