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Sunday, October 14th, 2012


Back : John Corkery, Des Burke-Kennedy, Dom Jameson, Front: Robin Skelton, Michele Cautley, Carl Cautley

Back : John Corkery, Des Burke-Kennedy, Dom Jameson, Front: Robin Skelton, Michele Cautley, Carl Cautley

There was a time when one of the most anticipated annual Waterski events on Ireland’s annual calendar was what was known as the National InterClub Championships. Usually held towards the end of the season, this was when each Club selected their six best Skiers and trying to get the perfect mix of Slalom Tricks and Jump athletes, all met to battle it out over a weekend.

The National InterClub Shield was the coveted trophy – and it is still out there somewhere. Have you got it ? It would be great to recover all the details on the name plates so let us know if it is somewhere in your attic.

Very often, the final battle for the Trophy was between Meteor WSC in Belfast and Golden Falls WSC in Ballymore, Co. Kildare. On this occasion above, Golden Falls took home the InterClub Shield. Here you will see a bunch of youngsters who have actually all survived the years and are still on the water today in varying degrees !

At the back we see “smoking” John Corkery who married another Golden Falls member by the name of Patricia from nearby Bray. They now live in the New Jersey and John and some friends set up the very successful Twin Lakes WSC. Next is Des Burke-Kennedy who in between injuries still gets out on the water at Golden Falls, and now lives in Dalkey, County Dublin after some years overseas in the UK and USA. He is the Club’s current Chairman, President of the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation and is also involved with the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation. Next is Dom Jameson who now lives in Killiney although he did spend some years in Australia. That 13m Slalom line still works for him and don’t rule our further PB’s. Dom now has his own Landscaping business but like John Corkery, he also married a Golden Falls Club member by the name of Michele Cautley – see below.

In the front is Robin Skelton who lives in nearby Naas. As with John Corkery, he also set up his own Waterski Club – Stillwaters WSC – and is also still active as a member of our National 35+ Waterski Team. In the middle is the lovely Michele Cautley who is now Mrs Jameson. On marrying fellow InterClub Team Member, Dom Jameson, many other Waterski admirers were very disappointed to have been beaten to that¬† proposal and have only recently forgiven Dom ! Michele is also still an active Waterskier and over the years, held many National titles. Lastly, that angry looking fair haired Skier with an attitude has greatly matured over the years !¬† Michele’ brother Carl Cautley has actually been an inspiration to many both on and off the water. He too held many National Waterski Records over the years and introduced our dear friend ray Stokes to the Club over 20 years ago. He was an active member of the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation and is an excellent Coach. Carl also married another Golden Falls Member, Patricia Rooney and now runs his own very successful Fitness and Life Coaching business in Dublin.

So, this was a very special Golden Falls InterClub Team – with three of them marrying other Club Members to prove that what happens at Golden Falls stays at Golden Falls ! Great memories of very happy times.


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