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JumpAthon for Ray LAUNCHED TODAY

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011


JumpAthon for Ray goes global today !

JumpAthon for Ray goes global today !

This is a great story ! Just a few weeks ago, Carl called me with this concept – How about setting up a unique Fund Raiser for Ray based on the Jump Ramp ? We tossed around some ideas and just minutes ago went global with the plan !  Here is how it will work, not just here at Golden Falls, but at EVERY Club with a Jump Ramp in the World today. Well that is what we really hope will happen.

We set up a special Facebook page and uploaded a bunch of Ray photos. Just type in these words  – JumpAthon for Ray

Imagine this. If you were to try Jumping on our Magic Ramp, non-stop without a break, how many could you land ! 5 / 10/ 15 / 20 ?

Well, if you also rounded up your friends and asked each to contribute just ONE EURO for every Jump you landed, this could make it very interesting. Carl has already got sponsorship and I’m sure he and all our other jumpers will be delighted to get more backers. There is no limit to how many each Jumper can secure. ‘And its only ONE EURO per Jump landed.

Finally, if you then collected the contributions based on the number you landed – on any Ramp height at any speed, and then transferred those funds to the Ray Stokes fund for his boys, this would make it both great fun and a great cause. The direct link  for the month of June for contributions to support Ray’s boys is :

Today I spoke to Ray and he sounded stronger than he has been for ages. Now that the six tumors have been removed, he can take food again and is regaining strength every day. New medication is the next step. We hope that the success of the “JumpAthon for Ray” may help to remove some of the worries ahead of our good friend.  So, if you see a Jumper, please don’t wait for him/her to ask, just say “I’m in for ONE EURO per jump”  Watch this space for the photos – and who knows, perhaps a World Non-Stop Record.

If you need a bit more information on how to set this up, check out this Link :

JumpAthon for Ray Guide

‘Great concept Carl – and maybe this weekend we will be the first Club to report some results. The weather forecast is perfect for Golden Falls ! Get those cameras ready……..

Ray teaching our Stars of the future !

Ray teaching our Stars of the future !