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Friday, October 12th, 2012


Lucille Borgen

Lucille Borgen

Many will remember our report on Lucille Borgen a few years ago when she competed at the great age of 94 in 2007 in the US National Waterski Championships. She was both an great example and total inspiration to all and we were greatly saddened to hear of her recent death after such a special life.

Born Lucille McCarty, it must have been those Irish genes which helped her to overcome so many challenges in life and still come out smiling every day. As a child in Minnesota she survived Polio and some years later also won her battle with Cancer – only to lose the sight in her left eye in middle-age. In spite of all that she was a highly qualified Nurse, rode horses, ice skated, roller skated, snow skied and then at the ripe age of 40, turned to Waterskiing. She traveled throughout MidWest USA competing in Slalom, Tricks and Jump and also in many Ski Shows. In her last National Waterski Championships, Lucille won all three events in her age category. If you want to know her secret – apart from having a happy and positive attitude, she also exercised using weights almost every day, did aerobics and skied three times every week.

What an inspiration !