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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


Ray Stokes with June Fladborg and Moomba Star  Jacinta Carroll

Ray Stokes with June Fladborg and Moomba Star Jacinta Carroll

We had it all this year – cold air, rain and then scorching sunshine when it was most needed for the last two days. With over 300,000 people on site, the atmosphere was fantastic. Moomba 2011 was also full of surprises with youngsters rocking the boat on many fronts. The two sensations were Jacinta Carroll AUS, another Ray Stokes special, and Tim Bradstreet AUS. Both are just 18 years old. Jacinta took the Jump title with 53.1m and also Silver in Overall. TimĀ  took second in Jump with 67.1m – ahead of Freddy Krueger, Scot Ellis, etc. He was also third in overall. Watch out for these two names for years to come. At Junior level they already have been as good as it gets !

Ray Stokes was with us for most of the big events and it was great to see him on site with June Fladborg DEN who is still struggling with that very nasty heel injury. She does not expect to return to the water this year, unfortunately. Both June and Ray send all their best wishes to all their friends at Golden Falls. As Ray has been with us at our lake for over 20 years, he is family ! His Hospital treatment continues but he is in great spirits and we can only hope that the new experimental medication will work for him.


Sunday, January 23rd, 2011


Ray and his Boys at Moomba 2010

Ray and his Boys at Moomba 2010

Ray Stokes is part of Golden Falls. We have structured most of our Summers over the past 20 years around Ray’s annual visit to our Club. Over that time, he has become a world renowned Coach. We all know how good he is. So do all the top professional athletes today. In all cases, everybody feels like his best friend and that is what makes him such a very special person. We took this happy photo in Melbourne at Moomba last March of Ray and his two boys enjoying the annual spectacle on the Yarra River.

In the last few weeks, Ray was diagnosed with Phantom Melanoma Cancer. This is a very serious situation and he is receiving advice and treatment right now in Melbourne. He has resigned himself to the fact that he might not survive this terrible challenge and wants to make the most of his time ahead. Speaking to him a few days ago, he was in typical Ray good humor, always smiling, always witty and always great company. He knows that all of us in Golden Falls are thinking of him daily and he also knows that we see him as one of us. We laughed about those happy days in Micks, downing pints, wearing the green jersey, enjoying breakfast with Harry and Sue and the boys – and doing his very best to make us amateur hopefuls feel that we might some day even score a few extra buoys ! In all those 20 years, his visit left nothing but smiles and happy times behind.


While Ray is organising his life in Melbourne, his great friend June Fladborg is still suffering in Hospital in Florida from that serious heel injury she got after breaking the World Jump Record. The skin is refusing to heal as it should. On receiving the very sad news of Ray’s illness, June was devastated. When we spoke to her a few days ago, the Surgeon had just told her that he would have to operate again in four weeks time ! For June, that meant that she could not visit Ray for maybe six or eight weeks. To be released from Hospital and somehow find the funds to fly to Melbourne was impossible. She would need extra space on board to keep her injured foot elevated and properly looked after. This would all cost a fortune, even if possible. This is when miracles entered the picture – all in the name of the great Kristi Overton Johnson. You must read Kristi’s extraordinary note below on this – and it will really prove to you that good things happen to good people when good people decide to help. Kristi is certainly one of these.

Ray and June will be in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks and we will keep you up to date as best we can in the meantime.

Kristi’s extraordinary note :

From my last note you read about my friend June who was released from the hospital and waiting to travel to Australia to be with her friend and coach Ray. Last night I was praying about how I could help her and the the thought to help her with her ticket came into my head. All day I have wondered how this was going to occur because she requires first class tickets for her and Tom (her boyfriend) as she needs to keep her foot elevated and dressings have to be changed. First class tickets to Australia with 3 days notice are $13,000…. So tonight I am sitting at dinner with some friends and right before we eat our host asks if there are any prayer request before we said our blessing for the food. I have been a believer for many years and NEVER has anyone asked this before we pray. We usually bless it and inhale it! Anyway, I didn’t say anything and the my friend at the dinner party says, “Kristi, I read about your friend June yesterday in your In His Wakes newsletter. Why don’t you share your request for her.”

So I shared her need of needing two first class tickets preferable on Wednesday as that is when June wanted to travel. The host turns to me and says I know someone who has lots of points and would probably donate these points to them. All throughout the dinner party this gentleman was on the phone texting his family members to see if they could help. Before I pulled in my driveway tonight, he texts me that his sister donated upgrades for firstclass. Someone donated the money for the flights and about 15 minutes ago I was able to email June her flight itinerary to Australia, first class, leaving on Wednesday (the only day upgrades were available). I don’t know the lady who donated these upgrades and I sit here in awe and overwhelmed with joy as I know God showed up today.

Thank you for your prayers. I love how He places things on people’s heart, places just the right people in your path to provide every need you have. His Word says, “I will supply all your needs according to my riches in heaven.” There is no need too great for Him.

Continue to pray specifically for June and Ray. Pray for the next few days as she packs, says goodbye to friends in the US, heads across the country…pray for favor, pray for safety, pray for God’s blessings to pour down on this beautiful girl and her amazing friends, Tom and Ray.

To God be the glory.

If you would like to make donations to either Ray or June for their medical expenses, several skiers are working together to make this happen. We are discussing whether to run it through In HIs Wakes so they are tax deductible or through a trust fund for June and Ray’s tax purposes. I will let you know in the coming days how you can help.